'I Am Legend' Trailer: A Day in the Life of Will Smith, Vampire Hunter

October 24, 2007


Will Smith has a long history of successfully defending earth and himself from aliens, robots, criminals, and Carlton, surely earning himself a statue and memorial highway in the near future. But what threat will this quippy one-man army face-off against next?

Vampires, of course.

In I Am Legend, Smith finds himself to be the only living human in a New York City overrun by vampires. This new trailer takes you through his typical day, which I've graciously summarized for you, in case you want to make your day a vampire-hunting Will Smith day.


- Show off shirtless musculature, in case hot vampire girl stops by.
- Make amusing, sassy wisecracks to dog, in case vampire producers of a Fresh Prince: The Later Years sitcom stop by.
- Golf, yelling "fore" after striking ball, even though there are no other living people. Alternately, wear tall hat at theater and say, "Hope I'm not blocking anyone's view."
- Talk to mannequins you've dressed up, in case vampire disease has made you a cast member in Mannequin or Today's Special.


- Pretend there is wildlife outside of rats and pigeons in Manhattan, and that if there were, that the rats and pigeons wouldn't immediately kill and devour them before you could.
- Pretend there are crops to gather in Manhattan, outside of crops of rat and pigeon feces.
- Time how fast you can wash a dog.


- Curl up in vampire-proof tub with a dog.
- Take fault off of God.
- Whimper, yell, fight vampires.
- Acknowledge legendary status.

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