James Wong Translating 'Dragon Ball Z' to Something I Can Understand?

October 2, 2007

I probably had my first real taste of Dragon Ball Z about ten years ago. Flipping through channels, I stopped on the image of a squat male of indeterminable age with a four-foot bush of yellow hair. Though it looked ridiculous, it seemed like I recalled the animated character from the shiny, button-up shirts of pudgy adolescents, so I gave it a shot. What followed was like a pre-pubescent Japanese boy's mind exploded on acid and materialized on my screen.

It's a bit fuzzy now, but what I recall was essentially one long, nonsensical battle inter-cut with some other guys traveling and eventually battling in a similar fashion. And when I say 'battle,' I use the term in the loosest sense; it seems like more of the time was spent charging some kind of power, jumping/flying, screaming, or some combination of the three. The characters competing in this way bore no resemblance to anything I ever have or could relate to. One was like a green alien lizard dressed like a sheik, another guy had a monkey tail and rode a sentient cloud--I honestly had no idea what was going on, yet before I knew it it was over. It seemed like no progress had been made towards any discernible goal, but a preview of next week's episode made it seem like we were covering some huge strides.

Anyway, CHUD is reporting that director James Wong will be bringing us a live-action version of this mess. Normally I'd be concerned that the director of Final Destination was being given such a huge project, but honestly, if he can bring even a semblance of reason to this thing, more power to him.

Above is a clip so you can see what I mean. Sorry I couldn't find any that didn't have Nickelback or something laid over them.


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