'John Rambo' is Now 'Rambo to Hell and Back'

October 12, 2007

When you hear the title John Rambo, what do you think? That Rambo has a first name, and it's John? That Rambo may be human, and not a Vietnam-era incarnation of the war god Ares? That the producers of John Rambo are desperately trying to cling to the moderate success of full-name-titled Rocky Balboa?

That's exactly what Lionsgate worried, so they've changed the name of the fourth Rambo film to the darker, seemingly-in-need-of-a-colon, Rambo to Hell and Back. I know they want me to think this is a really hardcore film, or at least that parts of Asia are equivalent to Hell, but all it does is remind me of a glaring inadequacy with his latest one-man war. Why send Rambo against the pitiful armies of man, who we've already seen are impotent against his bow and knife skills, when he could literally battle the demons of Hell? A climactic battle between Satan our raven-haired hero would really put them in the seats. An idea for Rambo V, if nothing else.

UPDATE: Sylvester Stallone is saying Rambo to Hell and Back is back to John Rambo.

Official Site [Lionsgate]

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