Lindsay Lohan Would Be Good Playboy Bunny

October 16, 2007


Since Brett Ratner announced he was making Rush Hour 4 in the form of a Hugh Hefner biopic, gossip has been swirling about who will play the speaking-part Playboy Bunnies. (It's obvious from The Girls Next Door that they can barely play their constructed existences in real life, let alone a film.)

Finally, has B.R. given us the first hint of who we could see objectified. Responding to E!'s in-depth, alliterative question of "whether or not the rehabbed hottie could hack it," he said...

She's very talented...if she's sober. She would be great as a Playboy Bunny.

Whether he meant Playboy Bunny in the movie or as an alternative to getting sober wasn't clear. But on that subject, here are some other, similar good potential roles for Lindsay Lohan:

- Stripper (done!)
- General Slut
- Attention whore
- Drug addict
- Anthropomorphic crashing plane, spiraling to the earth in the showiest way possible
- Defendant in a Law & Order case clearly based on Lindsay Lohan
- Any combination of the above

Struts 'n' Such [E!]

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