'Mad Money' Looks Un-Mad, Underwhelming

October 5, 2007


I saw this set of promotional shots for Mad Money on Cinematical today, then slipped into a faint coma from utter lack of interest. Honestly, who is in the promotions department that would possibly consider these images the best to whet the interest of the masses? After the viewer overcomes the initial disappointment that this is not a film version of screaming lunatic Jim Cramer's Mad Money, what are we left with? Three actresses no one cares about outside of tabloids or the commentary track on Annie Hall, all competing to give the most awkwardly forced grin imaginable. Plus... who's that? No, not the douchebag, the other side. Is that the Stonehenge-like Easter Island-like profile of Ted Danson? Why would they tease us with Danson like this? For f***'s sake, if he's there, just give him to us.

The movie is about these three stealing money from the Federal Reserve, so why no goofy image of them hastily shoving bills in their bras, or unrolling an escape blueprint, or giving a three-way high five, or doing absolutely anything that would imply events occur outside of grinning? Maybe they're counting on the tagline, "They're having the crime of their lives...", to pull in audiences.

This is what you get on slow news days.

Exclusive Mad Money Images [Cinematical]

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