'Mama's Boy' Trailer Ends Several Careers

October 16, 2007

I understand it must be a difficult realization that your best role will always be that of a semi-retarded catchphrase machine, but that sad excuse does not give Jon Heder the right to continue making movies. Case in point, this trailer for Mama's Boy, in which he drags Diane Keaton and Jeff Daniels into the idiot mire with him.

In the film, Heder plays a stereotypical non-character that the writer clearly researched by asking his friends, "What's something funny a big nerd would do?" The result is an asexual, one-dimensional freak that wears Ren-fair armor, reads comics, plays Dance Dance Revolution, and lives with his mom at 29. Keaton and Daniels, like the rest of society, attempt to tolerate Heder's droning voice and antics.

Who would have thought, Annie Hall, that 30 years later you'd be involved in not one, but several visual gags where you're dry humped by either Dumb or Dumber?

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