Martin Campbell Directing 'The Birds' Remake

October 19, 2007


There often comes a point in a director's career, particularly if they have found some recent acclaim, where it becomes apparent that they've become arrogant beyond their means.

For Kevin Smith, for instance, his point came after he was lauded for making a student-level film into a series of student-level films with increasing levels of color, celebrity, and Good Will Hunting stars. Confusing his ability to extend the popularity of a stoner and a mute with genuine talent, he attempted to move beyond the New Jersey "Askewnivese" with a movie about different people in New Jersey, and starring J.Lo and the cast of Pearl Harbor. The resulting disaster will be remembered only as "wasn't that Gigli?"

For Martin Campbell, who just enjoyed surprising praise for making Bond less prissy in Casino Royale, that time is today, when he decided he could do something better with The Birds than Alfred Hitchcock did. Why, Martin? And how?

Remaking Dolemite or a cartoon about singing chipmunks is one thing, but a certified classic by one of the most respected directors ever? It's metaphorically covered yourself in birdseed and letting the birds peck you to death, wherein the birdseed is an ill-conceived remake of a classic film by one of the most respected directors ever, and the birds' pecking comes in the form of pun-filled cricitisms saying, "Leave Remake for the 'Birds'!"

'Birds' redo calls Campbell as director [Hollywood Reporter]

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