'Meet the Spartans' Trailer Meets Laughlessness

October 19, 2007


The forcefully humorless parody comedy has come a long way since the Wayans boys and Scary Movie tried to reinvigorate the style. With recent innovations in the lowering of standards, gone is the necessity to parody an entire genre to reach an hour-and-a-half of anti-comedy. As this trailer to Meet the Spartans shows, we've now reached a point where you can simply reenact a single film, and as long as you make enough clumsy references to other movies and pop culture, it just might be mistaken for a legitimate comedy.

Remember that movie Stomp the Yard? Wouldn't it be funny if Spartans from 300 danced like that? Britney Spears shaved her head, so wouldn't it be funny to see a poor imitation of Britney Spears doing the same thing, then being murdered? Isn't any reference to the title of a Ben Stiller movie kind of funny?

Meet the Spartans answers all of these questions, and the answer is always 'no.'

Imagine a movie so bad that you feel apologetic that Kevin Sorbo had to take a role in it, even after however many seasons of Hercules. It seems mythological but here it is, under the cut.

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