New 'Hulk' Script Involves Bottle Factory

October 2, 2007


Someone at IESB nabbed a copy of the new Edward Norton Hulk script, which they're calling an "incredible ride" (literally, hopes Six Flags) and have posted a long synopsis here. Luckily, for those of us who want bullet points, /Film was kind enough to provide that as follows:

* Hulk appears in the first sequence in the film. No waiting around for the green monster’s appearance.

* Bruce Banner is hiding out in Brazil in search for exotic flowers that he believes will help destroy the gamma radiation in his blood.

* While working at a bottle factory, Bruce is cut and a drop of his blood falls into one of the bottles. A woman in Minnesota drinks the juice and almost dies. The gamma is detected in her blood and this alerts the military.

* Bruce escapes to the States, meets up with Betty Ross, and they both leave for New York City to find Dr. Sterns, who has developed an “anti-dote” for Bruce. But they are caught by General Ross and the military.

* A soldier named Blonsky who was crushed by Hulk, takes a super gamma serum developed from Bruce’s Blood and transforms into Abomination.

* Hulk must save the city from Abomination.

For some reason, amidst all the gamma radiation, crazy transformations, and superhuman powers, I find the bottle factory part of this the most perplexing. How does the Hulk end up in a bottle factory? Is this some kind of Laverne & Shirley crossover?

And a drop of his blood ends up in a bottle? Can this actually happen in a bottling plant? If so, I'm never drinking from a bottle again. I assumed there were precautions against this. This script would have me believe they say, "Well, it's just a drop. As long he's not the Hulk or Magic Johnson, it should be fine," and send it out.

The Incredible Hulk Story Details Leaked [/Film]

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