New 'The Golden Compass' Trailer Fun for All Non-Jaded Ages

October 10, 2007

The Golden Compass is the kind of movie that I would have loved as a child, or even a few years ago, but with The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and a seemingly bottomless well of Harry Potter films, I'm too exhausted for another fanciful three-movie investment. It's not even just the length; it's that I'm going to have to yet again learn the rules to an entirely new world where more oddball characters chase around a MacGuffin.

That's just a polar bear, right? No, it turns out polar bears here wear armor and have the voice of Ian McKellan. And that ferret.... just a ferret? Of course not. You'd know it was a daemon if watched the sub-trailer to this trailer, "defining daemons," which explains the roles of soul-bound animals in this world. Duh.

If you have the energy, watch above, or in higher quality on Yahoo!

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