Rodriguez Being Seriously Uncool About Barbarella Casting

October 18, 2007


Universal has supposedly dropped backing of Robert Rodriguez's Babarella remake after the director refused to cast anyone but girlfriend Rose McGowan in the lead. And I, for one, totally know where Universal is coming from.

Sometimes you gotta just be like, dude, you cannot bring your girlfriend this time. It's like this one time my bud J-Dog was coming to see Old School with me, and he totally showed up with his girlfriend, who was like this heinous bitch. I had to be like, no way, J-Dog, Old School is our movie, and I don't even mean in a gay way. It's just we seriously identified with the characters and jokes, and this was before the next Will Ferrell movie we identified with. I only bring that up because the point wasn't that she was such a bitch (which she was), it's just that you can't bring your girlfriend everywhere, bro. He was so P-whipped, which I told him right then through little mimed whip cracks. Whatever, man. Whatever.

Barbar-hella! Robert Rodriguez Is Fonda of Rose McGowan in Queen of the Galaxy Role, But Universal Winces (that's seriously the title) [NY Observer]

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