Shannyn Sossamon Would Totally Be Indiest Wonder Woman Ever

October 18, 2007


As Justice League casting news keeps coming forward, it's becoming more and more clear what criteria is being used in casting the role of the powerful Amazonian goddess, Wonder Woman:

1. Must be hot.

2. Must have dark hair. (Or not. We could probably dye it if you're Jessica Biel.)

This is evidenced by the recent news that Shannyn Sossamon has tested for the superhero role. Doesn't she seem a bit too gangly-hipster-type for a super-powerful Amazon? Despite any work she's done, I have a hard time seeing this spindly thing do anything besides serve coffee and act sarcastic, preferably with short bangs.

Am I wrong?

Shannyn Sossamon In Contention for Wonder Woman [Cinematical]

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