Smith Playing 'Empire' Mogul, Possibly Oprah

October 11, 2007


If you've been waiting for a sequel to Ali, in which a decrepit Muhammad Ali makes a series of near-silent talk show appearances to discourage getting your head beaten in at an early age, you've still got a few years until Smith can play the part. But if you've wanted the Fresh Prince and director Michael Mann to team up in absolutely any unspecified way possible, I've got good news: they are!

In a seven-figure pitch deal, Columbia Pictures has acquired "Empire," a drama that John Logan will write for Michael Mann to direct and Will Smith to topline.

Neither the studio nor the principals would elaborate on the plot, but sources said that Smith will play a contemporary global media mogul.

I really hope the contemporary global media mogul Smith will play is Oprah. Don't you?

Will Smith rules Columbia's 'Empire' [Variety]

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