Some Other Crap That Happened...

October 29, 2007

the-flash-director.jpg- Brett Ratner has said he is no longer the directing the Escape From New York remake, giving him plenty of time for two or three more Rush Hours. [AICN]

- David Dobkin, director of The Wedding Crashers and Fred Claus announced he's taken over the reigns of the Flash movie hoped to spin-off from Justice League of America. To those worried his involvement means it will be a comedy, he offered up the film's melancholy tagline, "You can't outrun yourself," indicating it will instead be a laughable melodrama. [MTV]

- On that note, Greg Berlanti is lined up to direct the Green Lantern movie, pitting the Lantern in a tough race against The Flash for critical and commercial failure. [Variety]

- Cuba Gooding Jr. has joined John Carter's action thriller The Way of War, with executive producer Nick Thurlow adding, "With his intensity and ability to take a character to the edge, the part is tailor-made for Cuba." Is that assessment based on Snow Dogs, Boat Trip, or Daddy Day Camp? [Variety Hollywood Reporter]

- Mark Ruffalo, Ethan Hawke, and Amanda Peet will star in Brian Goodman's autobiographical crime drama Real Men Cry. Telling a true-to-life Boston crime saga, it will be the 50th film of the year to do so. [Hollywood Reporter]

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