Some Other Crap That Happened...

October 5, 2007

peter-jackson-hobbit.jpg- The chances of Peter Jackson directing The Hobbit have risen marginally with reports that the director and New Line are talking again. Just talking? Or flirting? Wheeeeeeww! [EW]

- JJ Abrams is creating a 2-hour, $10 million pilot for Fox he describes as mixing elements of The X-Files, Altered States, and a "slight Twilight Zone vibe." I know a lot of people like Lost, but are we really going to keep pretending the writer of Armageddon (look it up) is so infallible? [Variety]

- Old School director Todd Phillips will direct Hangover, featuring the familiar concept of three crazy guys getting in misogynistic trouble in Vegas. Yet somehow this isn't Old School 2, which he's also making. [Variety]

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