Some Other Crap That Happened...

October 9, 2007

john-carter-of-mars.jpg- A biopic on Sugar Ray Leonard, a man who has been world champion in five different weight classes, will be made by Kevin Pollack, a man who has five celebrity impressions, three of which are William Shatner. How appropriate. [Variety]

- Lisa Kudrow joins Emma Roberts and Don Cheadle in the wacky dogs-in-a-hotel movie Hotel for Dogs. (Again, why is Cuba Gooding, Jr. not in this?) Ten-to-one odds say her character will be vacuous but strangely endearing. [Hollywood Reporter]

- Pixar plans to release a trilogy of John Carter of Mars films, the first of which should reach audiences before 2012. I've never read the Edgar Rice Burroughs novels, but image searching leads me to believe it's a plainly-named Conan the Barbarian killing some space freaks, something I never realized I wanted to see until now. [Empire]

- Will a Writer's Guild strike happen as soon as November 1? Possibly! What will this mean in regards to the Tarantino-esque-with-a-hint-of-early-Kevin-Smith script you've been working on since college? Don't worry, it's still really awesome. [Variety]

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