'Step Up 2' Trailer Explores Further Step Ups

October 22, 2007


Want to waste a few minutes of time? Come on, you're already here, right? So watch the above trailer to Step Up 2, then decide what element is most absurd. Your choices are:

1. That Step Up was so popular, or at least left so many unanswered questions about the nature of stepping up, that a sequel was not only imagined but, in fact, made.

2. That the original Step Up wasn't itself already a sequel to You Got Served.

3. That competitive dancing in general is popular enough to warrant filming outside of music videos that end in knife fights.

4. That the above image mocking the disabled is considered a dance.

5. The line, "You realize, with those competitions, you are risking everything," which implies that the losers of street dance competitions are apparently murdered.

6. The rest of the lines. Seriously, I didn't think this eye-rolling blend of flirting and "humor" could be accomplished outside of a Star Wars film.

7. Write in your own!

Trailer under the cut.

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