Tagruato is the New Hanso, Gimmick

October 1, 2007


For his hit, intentionally-cryptic series, Lost, JJ Abrams created the fictional Hanso corporation and spread clues about its origins on TV and the internet. Well, apparently fake companies are something he now thinks play a part in every good marketing strategy, and there are corporate websites for his new 1-18-08 monster movie. Now you can spend hours scrounging for vague clues at Tagruato Corp. and its subsidiaries, Yoshida Medical Research, Bold Futura, Slusho!, and ParaFun!.

Great work, JJ. Nothing gets me interested in a popcorn monster flick like exhaustive research of a non-existing company. Because the company has no basis in reality, I can rest assured that whatever information I'm able to draw from these websites will serve me absolutely no purpose once the film fades in popularity. And even until then, at best it will make me seem like a freakish fanboy with far too much free time. Perhaps his larger strategy is the alienation of his fans from the rest of humanity, forcing them to find solace in collecting memorabilia for Lost and whatever he's calling this monster movie.

Cloverfield Has Its Hanso [1-18-08 Project Cloverfield]

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