'Tin Man' Trailer Shows Sci-Fi Really 'Gets' Younger Generation

October 8, 2007

When I first heard the Sci-Fi Channel was making a new take on The Wizard of Oz, as a hip young dude, I simultaneously thought, "Isn't Sci-Fi for nerds?" and, "Isn't Wizard of Oz for old people/gays?"

As this trailer for the Tin Man mini-series reveals, I could not have been more wrong! It turns out, they've really tailored it to speak to a younger, cooler generation of viewers. Dorothy Gale? Snooze! Try DG! Oz? I don't think so, grandpa! It's the Outer Zone now! Wizard? Not even! Mystic Man is so much cooler... because it sounds like a Fleetwood Mac lyric? Yellow Brick Road? You must mean the Brick Route! Roads are so lame compared to routes, and Sci-Fi f***ing knows it! I only wish 'Oz' was spelled with an 'S', just so they could make it a 'Z' again--that's how edgy it is!

Official 'Tin Man' Site [Sci-Fi]

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