Trump Bringing More Shouting to Daytime

October 23, 2007


When most of you think of Donald Trump, particularly if you're Rosie O'Donnell, you think of a rich, loud-mouthed asshole who has no right to be televised outside of documenting the progression of his funny hair. But what this narrow viewpoint fails to take into account are the ways in which his being rich and having funny hair give him unique and powerful mediation and counseling skills, so much so that he should have his own daytime talk show where he charitably mends the disputes of the poor.

Luckily, always willing to recognize his personal gifts, Trump has begun work on a new show which is being described as a "unique hybrid" that mixes Dr. Phil and Judge Judy.

You mean I can finally get the loud, obnoxious opinions of Dr. Phil, plus the even louder, screamed opinions of Judge Judy, all served up on a plate of monotone shouting with a side of goofy coif? If my TV's speakers can handle it, I'm in for the time of my life.

Trump gets a day job in syndication [Hollywood Reporter]

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