'Valkyrie': Go Behind-the-Scenes with ET!

October 5, 2007

Can you believe Mary Hart is still on Entertainment Tonight? Or it's possible that she was enough of a historical figure on ET that an animatronic robot of her was erected, or that this is her ghost, still haunting the set. Either of those options seems more likely, actually, because she doesn't seem to have aged. And the only reviewer with worse taste in movies than my mom, Leonard Maltin? He's still there too. It seems only John Tesh had the necessary forehead mass to escape the near-unstoppable pull of Entertainment Tonight. Is it possible their life-long goal was anchoring a televised gossip rag with a blaring theme song?

Regardless, watch this behind-the-scenes feature for Bryan Singer's Valkyrie, with what ghost/robo Hart is calling "Tom Cruise's most controversial role yet" (She must be forgetting the role of heterosexual husband) as a German officer attempting to assassinate Adolf Hitler. If I had to break my ten-year Entertainment Tonight fast, so should you.

Valkyrie Behind the Scenes Featurette

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