'Wall-E' Footage Shows Who Wall-E is Bangin'

October 4, 2007


OK, so you work at Pixar, and you're about to go to a trade show to exhibit your Short Circuit rip-off, Wall-E. You want to show them some cool footage so they can start making Wall-E lunchboxes and Happy Meal toys or whatever, but you don't want them to be so insanely excited that their brain literally explodes at how cute and family-friendly your comedy is, an event not uncommon at Pixar screenings. What do you do?

Answer: show them the new footage of Wall-E and his female robot friend, but juxtapose that with shots of a smug, chubby turd explaining how awesome it is, and include some footage so unfinished that it looks like a Trapper Keeper cover (see above).

See the trade show footage yourself here, at least until it's forcibly removed.

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