Why So Serious? - The Joker Assigns Homework

October 31, 2007


For the last two weeks, The Dark Knight viral site Why So Serious? has been counting down to Halloween with the image of a pumpkin, candle burning inside, one half deteriorating at roughly the same rate as my interest.

Finally, something has happened, and a Warner Bros. intern posing as The Joker has posted clues to find in cities around the US. As part of an elaborate homework assignment, you go to the location described, take a picture of the letter there, upload it, and it joins the others on the collaged page. Presumably, something will be given to us when it's done, like more laborious tasks to complete.

Thus far, it appears the final text will say, "THE ONLY SENSIBLE WAY TO LIVE IN THIS WORLD IS WITHOUT RULES." Which makes sense, because I've always thought Joker would sound a lot like a No Fear t-shirt.

/Film has been doing a good job covering it, if you want to follow along.

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