'21' Trailer Reveals Las Vegas is Really Crazy

November 19, 2007


With the upcoming What Happens in Vegas..., the Friends episode where they all go to Vegas, the TV show Las Vegas, the commercials touting that events happening in Vegas don't count towards your regular morality, and countless other glamorous depictions of the "Sin City," I'm getting a bit bored with the concept of "Woo! Look at all the crazy shit that happens in Vegas!"

21, the semi-true story of MIT students counting cards and making millions under the tutelage of a professor, looks to add little to the genre, and even leaves out the requisite shotgun wedding, seating it one crucial element below The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas. I think they'd have been better off sticking closer to the real-life story instead of a film school student's vision of Good Will Hunting-meets-Ocean's Thirteen.

Trailer below the cut.

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