Batman and Wonder Woman Roles Filled by Model, Male Prefect

November 30, 2007


Good news! Two new cast members have joined Justice League of America! The bad news is you've probably never heard of them, unless you've by chance spent some time viewing their modeling work or knife/weapony collections (respectively).

From AICN comes word that Australian model Megan Gale has been cast as Wonder Woman. Can you believe I thought she was just a model, when it turns out she's a model(slash)actress? How novel! With such mixed talents, she'll definitely add as much to this production as she will to the gene pool. I wonder if she sings, too...

Standing at 6'5", the young and handsome Armie Hammer seems like an ideal choice to play an early Batman. Surely, his prior roles as "Abercrombie Boy" and "Male Prefect" have prepared him for the brooding, iconic superhero. And according to his IMDB profile, he collects knives and other weaponry, and is an amateur magician. So he's probably about as normal as that kid you knew in college who collected swords and practiced magic (i.e., a freakish socio-tard).

With the news I've heard so far, I'm guessing JLA will rank somewhere between Daredevil and Roger Corman's Fantastic Four.

Batman Casting Confirmed for Justice League! [IESB]

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