'Beowulf' Soullessly Wins Weekend Box Office

November 19, 2007


1. Beowulf - America shows an exceptional tolerance for frightening, not-quite-human, animated beings, as long as one of them is basically naked, by donating $28.1 million to the cause.

2. Bee Movie - After taking in another $14.3 million, bringing it to $93.8 million total, something tells me Jerry Seinfeld is already hard at work on commercials for Bee Movie 2.

3. American Gangster - $13.2 million isn't too shabby, but imagine what it could be making if Denzel Washington were (a) computer-generated, (b) an insect, (c) both, or (d) Will Smith.

4. Fred Claus - $12 million seems like a lot to pay to rid yourself of any and all early Christmas excitement.

5. Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium - If Mr. Magorium were truly magic, he would have erased Willy Wonka from the public consciousness before this was released, possibly giving it a chance to earn more than $10 million.

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