Bruce Greenwood is Pike, Real Husband Material

November 8, 2007


Filling in one of the final pieces to the Star Trek casting puzzle that JJ Abrams has kept hidden like a Lost plot point, the role of Christopher Pike has been given to Bruce Greenwood.

Now, of course you know who Christopher Pike is, since everyone has watched the unaired pilot of Star Trek and the two-part episode entitled "The Menagerie," which features the return of the Enterprise's first captain, but do you know Bruce Greenwood?

You could easily look at his filmography to see what he's done (most recently he's starred with a semi-sentient dog in a firehouse), but really, no filmography can capture the complex and varied abilities of Bruce Greenwood like the above graphic from

Using the simple format of a commemorative graduation frame, they've precisely identified how Bruce Greenwood can play such diverse roles as (counter-clockwise from upper left): a light beard, David Cassidy-style aging teen idol, funny mustache guy, coy MacGyver, gay senior picture, concerned father, concerned politician, old-fashioney, and thoughtful JFK.

Truly, Bruce Greenwood is not just perfect for Pike, he is perfect for every middle-aged, non-distinct, caucasian male role. Ever.

Greenwood shipshape in new 'Trek' [Hollywood Reporter]

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