Can You Believe We're Already on 'Bring It On' 4?

November 1, 2007


Given that this is a somewhat under-the-radar movie blog (officially recognized as such by PC Magazine!), and that I have a tendency to find the gaping logic holes in such endeavors as an Oxygen reality show about Coolio, it's rare that I make the mailing list for studio press releases.

Thankfully, when I do, it's for such lofty projects as a third sequel of a cheerleading movie based on a musical. To explain:

Bring It On: In It to Win It definitely “brings it” with lots of laughs, great music, and amazing cheer sequences. Two talented and glamorous cheerleading squads The Sharks and The Jets face off at a national cheer championship. The Sharks squad captain discovers her new crush is from none other than the rival Jets squad. Just like in West Side Story, the Jets and Sharks are gonna rumble!

You know, now that they mention it, I suppose the exact plot of West Side Story, including the use of the names Jets and Sharks, is a bit reminiscent of West Side Story. I wouldn't have caught that. (Also, great use of the title as praise. I caught that because of the quotes put around it.)

But not only does this film update a classic musical with cheerleading and Jennifer Tisdale (blood relative of someone from High School Musical, I'm told), its east coast/west coast rivalry evokes the popular music of this younger generation: "rap." This thing's got it all!

Be sure to catch trailer under the cut, and the official site on If that place keeps getting these hot exclusives, MySpace and Facebook better watch their asses.

NOTE: Do not mistake my above comments, or my mentioning that the line "Hell to the yeah" might be the worst thing ever written, for irritation. I want nothing more than to keep receiving these releases.

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