'City of Men' Trailer is Less Than Godly

November 13, 2007


As someone who is not impoverished or surrounded by constant murder, there's nothing I like more than seeing the suffering of those who are, along with the assurance that such a lifestyle is far away from me and all my cool stuff--like in Brazil. This mentality--the same one that sells copies of BumFights (videos of hobo fisticuffs)--led to my love of 2002's City of God. It also helped that it was powerful, well written and acted, and beautifully shot. However, the film's upcoming sequel, City of Men, gives me some reservations from this trailer.

First, do we need to pretend it's in English by removing all dialog and replacing it with lengthy, expository voice-over? I think City of God was popular enough you can bank on that without making it a parody of Edgar Wright's Don't trailer.

Second, saying "from the producers of" is equivalent to saying "we couldn't get any of the actual talent from the first film to make another one, and there's probably a strong reason for that."

And finally, what's up with the downgraded name? City of Men? If man is less than God, what can I expect from this sequel? You might as well call the Transformers sequel "Standard, Non-transforming Cars."

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