'College Road Trip' Trailer is So Raven

November 19, 2007


Taking what I think was as an episode of Who's the Boss? and expanding it to over three times its natural life span would be a tough task for anyone. Most would never attempt such a feat. That is, unless your standards for comedy fall somewhere between playing a modern time traveler, bringing much-needed sassiness to the Dark Ages, and dressing up like a fat woman.

Such is the case of Martin Lawrence, whose latest bout of hammy shouting takes him on a road trip with his daughter (That's So Raven!) to find a college, hence the appropriately descriptive title.

As much as the "I'm an overprotective dad!" comedy falls flat--and it definitely does--I was surprisingly amused by the not-so-subtle comparisons drawn between Raven and a piglet. (Why else is it there?) And with several taser jokes scattered throughout, I was even more surprised that they fought the overwhelming urge for a "Don't tase me, bro" joke. Or at least they're saving that for the full movie.

Take your own hilarious college road trip, under the cut. And thank Kyle for the tip.

College Road Trip
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