'Dances with More Wolves' Director Named

November 1, 2007


No doubt due to the lingering popularity of Dancing with the Stars, Variety has announced a sequel to Dances with Wolves is in development with Simon Wincer at the helm, titled The Holy Road.

Story picks up 11 years after "Wolves" as the Comanche tribe is in steady decline and the threat of white settlers looms. The title "Holy Road" refers to the transcontinental railroad, which is a symbol of the clash of civilizations.

What sort of time loop have we entered that every moderately successful movie or franchise of the past has to be milked for a sequel or remake? Why is this even being contemplated? As if we need to see Kevin Costner (or worse yet, a replacement!) grow out a mustache and sit around a fire for another three hours. It was hard enough to sit through the first time. I assumed the critical-acclaim for Dances with Wolves was, along with casino licenses, just a part of the reparations.

Director set for 'Wolves' sequel [Variety]

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