'Enchanted' Wins Weekend Box Office

November 26, 2007


1. Enchanted - Weren't Elf, Crocodile Dundee, Jungle 2 Jungle, and whatever similar movies I'm forgetting enough to satiate the public desire for the out-of-place-wacko-in-New-York genre? The $35.3 million Enchanted made says not quite.

2. This Christmas - Audiences paid $18.6 million to learn that Delroy Lindo's Christmas was nowhere near as eventful as Chevy Chase's.

3. Beowulf - A 41% drop to $16.2 million indicates the haunting, soulless eyes of animated mannequins might not be as inviting as previously thought.

4. Hitman - Coming in with a relatively disappointing $13 million, maybe this is evidence that video games don't necessarily make the best movies. But let's try a few dozen more times before we stop.

5 Bee Movie - Still pulling in $12 million after a month, thanks to Jerry Seinfeld's nightly visits to every home in America, dressed as a bee, when he quietly whispers lines of dialog into slumbering ears.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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