First Image from 'Frost/Nixon' Not Good Enough for Local

November 2, 2007


In this first shot from Ron Howard's Frost/Nixon, it looks like Frank Langella is doing a pretty decent impression of Nixon's famous helicopter departure tribute to the number four. But I can't help but wonder, what does neighbor Ken Stack think of the reenactment?

Luckily, the OC Register asked neighbor Ken Stack just that, to which he replied it was pretty close to his vague recollection of the news footage, but "to me, it looks like (Langella) is acting. But that's Hollywood; it's a little over the top."

You hear that, Hollywood? Like an incisive Leno monologue, this guy's saying what we're all thinking! Time to get back to the cinéma-vérité style the neighbor Ken Stacks of the world are clamoring for. This isn't community theatre, Langella!

Nixon leaves White House - again [OC Register]

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