First Look at 'Lost Boys 2' and Corey Feldman

November 2, 2007


How you can tell, from just this one image, that Corey Feldman is even more lost/badass in Lost Boys 2 than the original?

1. Stern, accusing finger pointing in the face of defiance. This guy is not taking shit from anyone, especially those who aren't lost. Where have I seen that kind of raw intensity before? Oh yeah: nowhere! Except The Lost Boys and through the vocalization of Donatello.

2. Look at that f'ing headband! You know who wears headbands? Badasses. Rambo, Ryu from Street Fighter, The Karate Kid after he learns karate, and Corey F***in' Feldman. Also, a lot of obnoxious hipsters in my area.

3. Open flannel shirt? Some think the look died with Kurt Cobain. Feldman knows its at timeless as he is.

4. Are you seeing this tattoo creeping up his neck? That isn't ink. That's how Feldman sweats!

I don't know why they're calling this The Lost Boys 2 when it's clear that what we're looking at is a Lost Man.

Gossip Mag Stakes First Lost Boys 2 Photo! [ShockTillYouDrop]

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