'Fool's Gold' Poster is Very Tan

November 19, 2007


I have no idea what Fool's Gold is about, but based on this poster, I'd have to assume...

- During an unseasonably warm February, true love takes a dive.

- Kate Hudson has been captured by McConaughey's animal grip. There is no saving her.

- Matthew McConaughey has a dude version of the Midas Touch, which applies a thick layer of bronzer to everyone and everything he touches.

- What was thought (by Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson) to be an extremely valuable metal, typically used for a variety of jewelry and adornments, ends up being a relatively worthless collection of iron pyrite.

- Matthew McConaughey is, like, this awesome dude. Kate Hudson is totally a babe, and she's in this hot bikini. You do the math.

- The newly-retitled Surferapist!

I refuse to look up the actual plot, but let me know if it's somehow either better or worse than these options.

Fool's Gold Poster [IMPA]

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