Indiana Jones Legos Reveal Key Scenes, Desperation

November 12, 2007


We've reached a new point of desperation for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull information. With no spy reports, stolen images, or script pages, we've turned to the Deepthroat of movie information, Lego, to provide us with cryptic clues in the names of their interlocking brick sets. Here are the names of the four new sets to be released in May, along with what could be the corresponding scenes:

1. 7624 Jungle Duel - Indiana Jones will, apparently, duel someone in an undetermined jungle.

2. 7625 River Chase - Someone will be chased on, or alongside, a river. Maybe Indiana Jones is chasing someone. Maybe someone is chasing Indiana Jones. Maybe it goes back and forth, like that scene from the "Rabbit of Seville" Looney Tunes.

3. 7626 Jungle Cutter - Indiana Jones applies a thick coating of Cutter to protect against the insects of the jungle.

4. 7627 Temple of the Crystal Skull - A kingdom and a temple? This thing is chock-full of crystal skulls!

Next up: What do Harrison Ford's droppings tell us about Indiana Jones's eating habits?

Lego Sets hin at Key Indy Scenes [Unofficial Indiana Jones Movie Blog]

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