'Made of Honor' Poster is So McDreamy

November 14, 2007


To fully grasp the complexity of the poster for Made of Honor, there are a few things you're going to have to understand.

First, the plot: Are you familiar with the constant, one-sided longing for marriage that exists in all mixed-gender best friendships, and only materializes itself when one of the friends is getting married? Or have you seen My Best Friend's Wedding? Well, it's happened again! Dempsey's got to stop his best friend Michelle Monaghan from marrying someone less McDreamy. But in an exceptionally progressive move, Dempsey also must handle maid of honor duties, and smug grinning duties.

Second, the title: Patrick Dempsey is either a heroic firefighter or literally constructed of pure honor atoms harvested from heroic firefighters. That's the only way I can figure the clever play-on-words of Made of Honor makes any sense. I get the "maid of honor" reference, but how is he "made of honor"?

The tagline(s): Rather than admit that this is basically My Best Friend's Wedding, they're focusing on how funny it is that a man would be a bridesmaid. Forget all the progressive stuff I said earlier; it turns out that's the big joke. As for the "unbridaled" bit, we'll have to just pray that kind of witty wordplay is so pervasive in the script.

The man: Patrick Dempsey. He's over 40, has a thick wave of hair, a smile that lets you know he's screwing your girlfriend, and a desirability among women that rises parallel to their age/loneliness. Oh, and he's nicknamed McDreamy. What else do you need to know?

There you have it. Now you know why this is the single greatest movie poster ever created. I can't wait until the trailer, when we'll see how this arrogant hunk is somehow the one we're meant to root for. The only way he could be the underdog is if she's marrying half the cast of Ocean's Eleven.

'Made of Honor' Poster Premiere [Cinematical]

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