Meryl Streep Wins Preemptive Oscar as Julia Child

November 1, 2007


Should someone win an Oscar for doing a goofy impression of Julia Child that probably won't be as good as the one Dan Aykroyd did 30 years ago? Probably not. But knowing Meryl Streep, she probably will now that she's been cast as the famous chef in the comedy Julia & Julia.

Other actors will earn nominations for heart-wrenching, dramatic monologues that bring audiences to tears, but Meryl will walk away with the win because she wore a wig and delivered jokes in a frumpy, high-pitched voice, and maybe held up a fish.

Then again, I guess she was only nominated for acting like a bitchy caricature in The Devil Wears Prada.

Meryl Streep to play Julia Child [Variety]

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