Shrek 4 Title Fills Me With Untold Rage

November 1, 2007


Shrek Goes Fourth!? Shrek Goes Fourth!? Seriously? Jesus.

Somehow they've managed to make the name more annoying than the comedy. They've got to be kicking themselves that such a witty naming scheme was only conceived after the plainly-titled Shrek 2.

So, in honor of Shrek's hilariously non-conventional numbering, here are enough potential titles to take our favorite green mongoloid into the next millennium, when they will undoubtedly still be making Shrek movies.

Shrek is F***ing 5tupid

This Makes Six Terrible Shrek Movies You've Watched


Shrek Eight a Lot (because he's fat!)

Shrek [Whatever Shrek's Surname is] (Shrek deals with aging)

Shrek X (featuring Shrek as a cyborg)

Dreamworks Plans "Mind," "Shrek 4" [DarkHorizons]

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