Singleton Bypasses Five Executive Orders, Moves On To 'Executive Order: Six'

November 20, 2007


One of my favorite naming conventions, falling only behind pointlessly pun-filled titles (see the upcoming Man Made of Honor, Shrek Goes Fourth), is naming something as if it had other, possibly-failed attempts prior to the current version. Though primarily found in product names like Monistat 7, Formula 409, and Grecian Formula 16, when applied to a movie title, it provides the illusion that a film series has fared so well that several sequels have already spawned.

Dane Cook will have the next example of this I know of with Bachelor No. 2, but if you can't handle watching the comedy stylings of an aging frat boy, hold out for John Singleton's just-announced Executive Order: Six. Here's the plot:

Philip Eisner's script, based on a story he wrote with Robbie Consing, follows the residents of a small, snowbound town, who band together to fight a mysterious horror that turns out to be an alien being unleashed by a plane crash.

If there's one scenario that calls for an executive order, particularly the sixth, that is it. Maybe if the alien was just flying a plane, that could be handled with an executive order: four or five, but crashing? That's so six.

Singleton to direct 'Executive Order' [Variety]

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