'Sweeney Todd' Clips Highlight Singing, Cleavage

November 27, 2007


IESB got ahold of nine new clips from Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd, which you may now watch at your leisure. I've better labeled the scenes so you can pick and choose which you want--just like Old Country Buffet, but without inevitable diarrhea!

Clip 1 - Helena Bonham Carter's massive cleavage tells Johnny Depp his wife is dead. Johnny Depp explains that he's re-inventing himself in the vein of Prince, and will now be known as Sweeney Todd.

Clip 2 - Johnny Depp sings to a razor.

Clip 3 - Alan Rickman accuses a boy of "gandering at [his] ward," which doesn't seem to hold any of the double-entendre you'd hope it would.

Clip 4 - Sacha Baron Cohen engages in a shaving competition with Johnny Depp, and does a startlingly accurate impression of a singing matador Waluigi. This apparently wasn't the goal of contest, and he loses.

Clip 5 - Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter discuss how he murdered a man and shoved him in a chest. Meahwhile, you wish you were watching the previous scene, where he murdered a man and shoved him in a chest.

Clip 6 - Johnny Depp's promotional singing for his barber shop proves ineffective, largely due to his continued mentions of vengeance.

Clip 7 - Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp sing a song about eating priests vs. eating poets, I think.

Clip 8 - A small boy (through song) promises no harm will come to Helena Bonham Carter as long as he's around. He obviously doesn't realize I'm much larger than him, and would wring his scrawny little neck and do as I please with the woman.

Clip 9 - An official comes to check out the awful smell reportedly coming from Helena Bonham Carter's chimney. Again, it's not as sexual as you hope it's going to be.


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