'Tell-Tale Heart' is Nothing Like 'The Tell-Tale Heart'

November 8, 2007


A film inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart," produced by Tony and Ridley Scott and starring Josh Lucas, doesn't sound too bad, right? These guys are all at least marginally talented, and the source material is strong, so this could be one to keep an eye on.

Except, as you'll soon learn, "inspired by" can often mean "only vaguely resembling in any way." Such as just using the idea of a heart and a murder...

Inspired by the classic Edgar Allan Poe story "The Tell-Tale Heart," the contemporized adaptation sees Lucas starring as a single father whose recently transplanted heart leads him on a frantic search to find the donor's killer before a similar fate befalls him.

So, instead of a murderer going insane with the imagined beating of his chopped-up victim's heart, we have this absurd tale where a murderer (who is no longer the protagonist) apparently wants to kill anyone who has a particular heart--like sort of a cardiac Blade Runner--and Lucas as a sympathetic single dad.

Why are they even saying this is inspired by Poe? I guess "heavily inspired by the 2000 David Duchovny/Minnie Driver romantic comedy Return to Me" didn't have the same ring to it.

Lucas' heart belongs to 'Tell-Tale'

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