'The Dark Knight' Has Eight Useless Webpages

November 26, 2007


The Warner Bros. intern staff is at it again, providing mildly entertaining but ultimately useless web content to keep us excited about a movie that's eight months away. Eight new Dark Knight websites have shown up online over the weekend, giving fans the chance to waste hours hunting for sad, irrelevant clues as to what this Joker character is up to, and why he's so good at Flash programming. The websites are:

The Gotham Times - The Times website can provide you with all manners of useless information about Gotham City. Could all the crime referenced in its pages somehow relate to that Joker criminal that Batman is fighting? I bet it does! Will you feel awful when someone asks you about a current event in the paper, but you've never heard about it because you instead chose to read a fictional city's fictional newspaper? I bet you will!

The Ha Ha Ha Times - Just like The Gotham Times, only defaced in the classic Joker style, which is surprisingly similar to the classic Jay Leno style. "Batman Saves Gotham Money On Car Insurance!" These headlines are hilarious!

Remembering Gina - Remember Gina? Neither do I. Apparently she was fictionally murdered by gangster Sal Maroni, leading to her receiving a fictional webpage memorial. Thus far, six people have commented that they remember her, one of which only claims a vague recollection, and one that claims Gina uses the same sassy vocabulary as Tyra Banks ("I remember your hugs and the way you would tell me to 'Grow up, girl!'").

Gotham National Bank - It only makes sense the Gotham National Bank would promote itself in as many venues as possible, considering that they're one of the few banks facing weekly supervillain attacks. Their savings accounts better be pretty great if the money will likely be stolen by The Penguin.

We Are The Answer - The official organization to report the corrupt cops of Gotham City. Only you can stop the next Batman equivalent of Rodney King.

Gotham Police Department - Their website claims they are one of the first "modern" style police departments. Apparently, in the world of Batman, most police departments are still like Keystone Cops, with about twenty guys comically scrambling to pack themselves into the paddy wagon.

Gotham City Rail - The best way to get up-to-date information on fictional trains in a fictional city, and it looks less like an old Geocities page than MTA.info.

Why So Serious Personality Profile - The Joker's personality quiz to see if you'd make a good henchman, because nothing is more sinister than a MySpace survey.

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