'The Eye' Poster: Like 'The Grudge', But With Fingers

November 9, 2007


You can practically see the exact line of thought went through to come up with this poster for The Eye:

"All right, well, obviously we'll show an eye."

"Ooo! That's good--like the title. I like it. Since it's Jessica Alba's eye, though, it isn't really that scary. Just a beautiful woman's eye."

"Right... Well, how about if we make the skin deathly anemic, like the ghosts in The Grudge and every other Asian horror movie?"

"That's pretty good. Speaking of The Grudge, though, now it looks just like the poster to The Grudge."

"OK, we'll make some fingers coming out of the eye then. That's scary, right? No one wants fingers coming out of their eye. Yuck! It would be gross and terrifying."

"You're absolutely right. And if that doesn't work, we'll just take one of the posters to Good Luck Chuck and replace Dane Cook with a ghost." (Note: this would have been an improvement to both this poster and Good Luck Chuck.)

'The Eye' Poster Premiere! [Cinematical]

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