Viggo Mortensen to be Stallone's Poe Boy?

November 14, 2007


News of who may be cast as Edgar Allen Poe in Sylvester Stallone's biopic, first meant to be written in the style of Poe, then changed to the style of something I'm more familiar with, the rhyming scheme of MTV's NeXt spoken when someone gets "nexted" and has to go back to the bus:

Stallone's looking for someone to play Poe
But for an actor, where should he go?
There were rumors he'd look to a "Hero"
and cast Ventimiglia, Milo,
but now he's looking to Viggo (Mortensen)
to quoth "nevermo'."
So it's back to the bus for J.T.; Chad's next!

(Note: the last line has nothing to do with the casting, but is necessary at the end of every NeXt poem.)

Viggo Mortensen in Stallone's Poe? [/Film]

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