'Walk Hard' Oscar Ad References Genitals!

November 9, 2007


To Judd Apatow: I'm not sure how involved you are with the promotion of Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, but this needs to stop. When your title already contains two dick jokes, it is completely excessive, and definitely not funny, to cram a third in.

Also, the name Cox is not, in itself, that funny. It may have once been funny; probably when either the first person was named Cox or the first time "cocks" was used to describe plural penises (whichever came last). But, as anyone with the Cox surname will surely tell you, it's gotten a bit tired. And as far as phallic names are concerned, NASCAR's Dick Trickle has an infinitely funnier name than Dewey Cox, mostly because it's somehow real.

Please discontinue this line of ads, lest I may be forced to reconsider your god-like comedy status.

Judd's 'Walk Hard' Gives Oscar the Finger [Deadline Hollywood]

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