WGA Strike - One Writer's Perspective

November 2, 2007


As many of you already know, a Writers Guild strike is looming, and could very well begin on Monday unless a deal is reached over the weekend. You can find out more of the details here, but for a unique perspective on the situation, I've turned to veteran Price is Right writer and guild member Herman Bosse for the inside scoop:

Many of you may be surprised that there are writers on PiR. To you I say, pull your head out. You think Bob Barker came up with Plinko? Please. That guy was so busy chasing skirt, we could barely keep him on the stage. That excessively-long microphone was just a tether to keep him from running at some busty college broad in the audience.

Is this strike going to effect PiR? You'd better believe it is.

For one thing, say goodbye to any new and exciting pricing games. I hope you don't mind seeing Check Game, Lucky $even, and the rest of the 75 current games every day for the next six months, because that's all you're getting.

It's a shame, too, because I had this idea for a new one, where you guess the price of various smaller items to win a larger, more valuable item, that was gonna make Cliffhangers look like a piece of shit hanging off Drew Carey's fat ass.

Did you happen to see last week, when the typically mundane Showcase Showdown was gloriously enlivened by the surprise arrival of E.L.T.--the Extra Large Terrestrial? That was me. Needless to say, the audience was so in-stitches over this hilarious parody of the Steven Spielberg classic that they could barely shout their bid suggestions. Well, unless we can work something out by Monday, you can kiss that shit goodbye.

And good luck bringing some hotshot young assholes in here to make pricing games. As if these kids today know the value of a dollar. Hey, that's a pretty good name for a game: Value of a Dollar. I'd better get to work on that, just in case I have to go to work on Monday.

I think that was helpful. Right?

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