'Wall-E' Trailer is Impossibly Charming, As Expected

December 18, 2007


When I want a Coke, I buy a Coke. I know from the label exactly what will be in a Coke, how refreshingly cool it will feel in my mouth, how sweet the high fructose corn syrup will taste on my tongue. No need to dump gallon after gallon of it over my head to remind me exactly how great Coca-Cola is.

Similarly, I don't need another precious trailer to Pixar's Wall-E. Yes, Pixar, I know you've "done it again," creating another expertly animated, ridiculously adorable world sure to delight children and adults alike with its humor and heart. So you can stop rubbing my face.

And, you know, it wouldn't kill you guys to make something shitty every now and then, remind us that you aren't necessarily evil androids appeasing the human masses until our destruction. The same goes for Radiohead.

WALL-E Exclusive Trailer
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