Another Box Office Win for 'Enchanted'

December 3, 2007


1. Enchanted - Audiences are enchanted by Enchanted, making it the number one comedy in America for two straight weeks! I assume that's what the commercials will be saying all this week, and every week (with updated week counts), until something even blander comes along to take its spot. ($17 million.)

2. This Christmas - It made another $8.4 million, yet I still don't know anyone who is even remotely aware of this movie. (Note: I'm only friends with racists.)

3. Beowulf - Boring, Olde English epic poetry at its best: in 3-D with creepy-as-shit pseudo-humans! That's why it made another $7.9 million.

4. Awake - Despite having even worse reviews than the god-awful video game assassin movie, it still made $6 million.

5. Hitman - The god-awful video game assassin movie made $5.8 million.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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