'Cloverfield' Slusho Ad Totally Gets That Japan is Weird

December 6, 2007

Finally, someone has the guts and insight to take on the infallible culture of the Japanese with this new "Slusho" commercial, part of the Cloverfield marketing machine. You know, now that I see this eye-opening parody, I suppose Japanese commercials are child-like, nonsensical, and epilepsy-inducing!

The main difference between this viral campaign and the one for The Dark Knight is that, while the latter is tiresomely long and involved, it at least seems immediately relevant. Joker playing cards, Gotham business websites--I get it. In the case of Cloverfield: "Slusho"? What the hell is this, and how does it relate to giant monster attacks? Even if Pepsi somehow created giant destructive lizards, a Pepsi commercial would still be a horrible advertisement for Godzilla.

See it under the cut. And sorry for the slow updates today. My computer is operating under the assumption that it's from 1985.

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